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The biggest advantage of our locks and keys is that they are Quality Assured and Cost-Effective.


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Product advantages

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Why Choose Tidy Lock

Instant Response

Any of your inquiries will be responded to by hour salesman or technician within 2 hours.


Thanks to the support of our factory and technical team, small quantity trial orders are OK for us.

Quality Assured

The product inspection rate is up to 100%, and each one can be traced to the responsible person.

Timely Delivery

The production schedule can be flexibly arranged. and our complaint rate of lead time is 0.

Competitive Price

Our price system consists of two parts- product cost and a reasonable profit. We promise to quote you a lower price of the same quality.

Technical Support

There’s an engineer to follow up on each of your orders, to solve the possible technical problems, you can contact him at any time.

Production Report

We will report to you the production status of your order time in time with pictures and videos.

Excellent Service

For any quality problems caused by us, we promise that we will solve them in time and give you reasonable compensation.

Our Story

We are a father & son company…

Yr 2002,
Mr. Xuu, founded the keys production factory, the predecessor of TidyLock, and now heads Delialock’s engineering and operations of its two manufacturing units in China, is a technology veteran with over 20 years of industry experience.

Yr 2017,
Xu’s son Mr. xuu heads TidyLock’s global business and sets up our locks manufacturing unit which is mainly dedicated to the production of Euro Profile Lock Cylinders and Rim Locks, by taking constant sips of industrial savvy from multiple experts for the past 3 years.

Over these years, our company has been engaging indoor locks and keys solutions, and do hope to be an asset to your company and your team…

In short, we are capable to exceed the expectations of any business, for our family-run ethos means we think ‘small’ enough to care about each and every one of our customers

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